Client – Gaffey
Details – Hyprolyser Water Chlorinator

Client – GBK
Details – Scrivet insertion demo

Given the necessary product information, obtained from a rough sketch, an example of the product itself or even a site visit, we can create 3D CAD models of your existing products. This may be useful if you have no models of your products and need to make some slight adjustments to a design, if you require visuals for a catalogue or website or if you simply would like to update your design operation. We can create the models to any level of detail to suit your needs.

3D printing
We are excited about the opportunities that 3d printing is creating and are hoping to soon be able to provide a full sketch-to-prototype service. In the meantime we can create the models and provide the correct file type to print the prototype.

We can create a rendered animation to demonstrate the function of your product. Using the solid model to show the action of the different parts of your product relative to each other.